How to Clean Fashion and Costume Jewelries Properly

Wearing jewelries are commonly regarded as an easy way to have fresh stylish appearance. Out of general jewelries categories, fashion jewelries, also called costume jewelries, are more popular for either daily dressing up or specific event attending, as these small ornaments are usually made with cheap bronze and alloy metal, and adorned with some inexpensive accessories, like rhinestone glass, faux pearl and synthetic leather etc. These cheap costume jewelry can still present luxurious elegance from its unique design as well as natural gold or silver plating, but sold at very affordable price. Unlike those fine gold or silver jewelries, the fashion jewelries might be tarnish soon due to its low quality base metal. It is necessary to learn how to properly care your fashion jewelries to maintain their shininess value for longer.

clean costume jewelry

Cleaning fashion jewelries once a week is strongly suggested. You can take some soft clothes or extra soft toothbrush to carefully remove any dust or dirty particles hiding in crevices or clasps. If you have beads link jewelries, please do not forget to clean up the space between beads. Cleaning delicate jewelries, especially with some hollow design or adorned with much small beads of cubic zirconia or glass, might require you slowly clean up to get each point completed cleaned on the surface. If you have large collection on jewelries, you can extend cleaning pace to once a month instead.

Some jewelries owners tend to choose jewelries cleaner, more efficiently with power, to get cleaning job done. There are many types of jewelries cleaners on the market nowadays. Some of them work with automatic power, saying ultrasonic cleaner and steam jet cleaner. Both work with different principle to get jewelries pieces totally cleaned with the circle setting. Sometimes you might have to pour into some chemical into water to gain more decent effectiveness. However, some chemical solution used for fine jewelries clean should not be used for fashion jewelries job. Just read manual instruction carefully before use any jewelry cleaners to avoid any hassle afterwards.

cheap jewelry cleanerWhat solution could not be used for fashion jewelries cleaning? Well, due to materials used for costume jewelries pieces, these cheap alternative could not withstand well with the following common solution of vinegar, acid, alcohol and ammonia etc. They can corrode low priced fashion jewelries quickly. You should not wear any fashion jewelry while taking a shower, washing your hands and working with hair style. Some chemical substances, like hairspray, perfume and lotion can definitely alter the shape of fashion jewelries. As a result, you might have to throw them away quickly before taking any further repair action. To have a good habit of wearing rings, earrings or other fashion jewelries can really help you extend the lifespan of fashion shininess for as long as possible.

Although with very delicate care for fashion jewelries, their shininess and gorgeous looking are still getting fade and tarnish by days. However, fashion jewelries are actually some type of trendy pieces, saying they might be replaced by freshly designed new ones with seasons changing. Most of fashion jewelries are cheap and very affordable, so you don’t have to care much once if your old pieces are fading and losing its previous sparkling.

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